Legal and Charitable Status

Legal Structure

Living Life Voluntary Counselling Centre is a company limited by guarantee and registered under Part 18 of the Companies Act 2014. The company number is: 357112. The principal aim for which the Company was established is to provide a non-validated voluntary counselling service to the community in Wicklow, Dublin and beyond using fully accredited and trainee counsellors under supervision on a voluntary donation basis, to provide readily accessible and affordable general counselling, to provide training for potential counsellors and to provide facilitation and education for individuals and groups. You can read more about the legal structure in our constitution.


Charitable Status

Living Life Counselling is registered as a charity. The charity number is 15284 and our registered charity number (CRA No.) is 20052348. Charity Registration means the company is governed by charity-specific legislation (primarily the Charities Act 2009), can avail of beneficial taxation breaks and undertake specific types of fundraising.

Organisations that are registered as charities must comply with specific charity laws and regulations, including being registered on the charity register and ensuring all letters and formal documents of the company state this fact as well as the charity number. In relation to accounting, the Companies Registration Office (CRO) will automatically forward all financial documents to the Charities Regulator. The regulator must also be informed of the names of all trustees.


Board of Directors

Jean Cox Kearns – Chairperson

Peter Lawless – Vice Chairperson

Jacqui Horgan – Company Secretary

John Brosnan – Director

Heather Brown – Director