Q How long will it take to be seen? Is there a waiting list?

It can take up to 2 weeks to be seen for your initial appointment where you will meet with one of our coordinators. Following this appointment you will then be placed with a counsellor, this may take up to two months but can be sooner depending on your availability.

Q Can I attend counselling fortnightly or whenever I need it?

We only offer counselling on a weekly basis. We have found that counselling is most beneficial when accessed weekly. Regular sessions allow trust, openness and connection to develop which are fundamental ingredients for counselling and will ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

Q What if I work shifts?

Your counselling sessions will be at the same time each week, we will always ask your availability before we place you with a counsellor. If possible speak to your employer to enquire about making reasonable arrangements to accommodate appointment times.

Q My counsellor isn’t a good fit with me – can I change counsellors?

We would always encourage you to speak with your counsellor about your feelings if you can. However, if you feel you can’t move forward we would place you back on to our waitlist while we work toward arranging a new placement. There may be a wait while this happens.

Q How long will my counselling last?

The duration of counselling can vary, but we recommend you see your counsellor for up to six sessions before you decide whether to stop or continue. We offer up to 6 months of counselling at Living Life, however you can always come back to the service in the future.

Q What happens if I want to end my sessions?

If you want your counselling sessions to end, in the first instance we would recommend you speak to your counsellor. It can be helpful to have a final session to conclude the work you have completed together.

Q What if I have a preference for a male or female counsellor?

If you have a preference for male or female counsellor you can let one of our coordinators know this during your initial appointment.

Q What if I am no longer able to afford my sessions?

If your financial situation changes and you are no longer able to make a donation for your sessions, please do not worry. Please bring this to the attention of your counsellor, where they will support you in reducing the donation to an amount you are reasonably able to afford. We encourage you still attend your appointments while your donation amount is being renegotiated.

Q What do I do if I have a complaint about the service or my counsellor?

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. If, after a few sessions, you feel the service is not working well or if you have complaints, you can discuss your concerns with your counsellor. If you still have some concerns after this, or you feel you cannot discuss your concerns with your counsellor, you are welcome to speak with the Clinical Manager. You may make an appointment to speak with the Clinical Manager by calling: +353 1 286 6729. If at this point you still have concerns you may lodge a formal complaint with the Ethics Committee of the Centre. You may do this by writing to the Committee at: Chairperson, Ethics Committee, Living Life Counselling, Madeley, Eglinton Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Q What should I do if I know someone who works for the centre or a family member is currently being seen?

If you know one of our counsellors please do let us know during your initial appointment. This will ensure that we do not place you with the counsellor you know. If you have a friend or family member currently being seen you can also let us know this if you would prefer to be seen on a different day or time.

Q How can I make my donation?

You can make your donation by cash directly to your counsellor. You can also make your donation by card either in person or over the phone. You can also make your donation on our website by clicking the ‘Donate’ button https://livinglifecounselling.com/donations.

Q What if I fall behind with making my donations?

Firstly, please don’t worry. Speak to your counsellor or call our office and your donation can be reduced to an amount that you can reasonably afford.